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Unfathered touch’s all the veins of the heart

It has never happened to me. Having read countless memoirs, there is no doubt in my mind that there was ever been a book that dug deep into my soul forcing me to close it because my welled eyes would not continue to read. Disa Mogashane has tapped into her inner struggles as she grew up in Thaba Nchu without a father. Mogashana’s debut Self-published novel, ‘Unfathered’, is a brutally honest narrative that pierces the heart and soul of the reader as the writer bares her cyclical relationship with her absent father.

Mogashana’s tumultuous life starts at a very early stage of her life. A ‘product’ of teenage pregnancy, her parents soon find themselves embroiled in a quagmire of tribal disputes between her paternal and maternal families.

The book is not one of those shallow and poorly written ‘how to’ better your life on book found on book store shelves. Beautifully written, the author seeks to inspire those that find themselves in a situation similar to hers, but through sheer determination rise up to the challenges of being ‘unfathered’ and conquer the world.

I want to ask you, plead, urge, bribe and persuade you to join Moshana on this expedition of Unfathred and treasure this book as a guide to address the challenges in relationships of your children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

Oh… before I forget, let me give you a glimpse of actually who is (Dr) Disa Mogashana. She has a strong academic background, having completed a BSc degree in Chemical Engineering, a Masters and a PhD in Engineering Education. She has lectured at the University of Cape Town.


By Thabo Mooke